About the database

This database contains the titles of papers in theoretical computer science that appear in various sources. The database covers all major sources and many other sources as well. To obtain a precise list of the covered sources click here .

The database is maintained by Prof. Joel Seiferas at the University of Rochester Computer Science Department , NY USA. To obtain the official information about the database click here .

This interface is maintained by Robert Szelepcsenyi at the Institute for Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences .

Please, report any suggestions, problems, typos, and other errors concerning the database to Joel Seiferas . Suggestions and problems concerning this interface report to Robert Szelepcsenyi .

For now the interface supports only single queries by an author. In the future more complex queries by various criteria will be supported. Check the item new for changes and new improvements to this interface.

Last change on June 11, 1997