Disclaimer by the author

Periodically, especially when I install an update, I post this reminder about the data base of (mostly) theory titles that I maintain. The reminder message itself is just a copy of the file /u/joel/papers.doc , on the suns.

The main data base is the text file /u/joel/papers.lst , one title per line. (So I try to keep the lines reasonably short.) My list of (nonstandard, ad hoc) abbreviations can be found in /u/joel/media.lst . To search for titles, one can use a convenient alias such as

alias pgrep 'fgrep -i \!* /u/joel/papers.lst'

(Or one can use `` agrep '', Manber's speedy utility to find *approximate* matches. You can find that archived as /u/joel/share/agrep.zoo .)

For much faster searching, I have also prepared an index using the UNIX `` invert '' utility. The index is in /u/joel/papers.index , and the references are to a double-spaced version /u/joel/papers?.lst of the data base. To use the indexed version, use the `` lookup '' utility; e.g.,

alias lookup '/usr/staff/bin/lookup -p /u/joel/papers.index'

(Multiword queries are treated as conjunctive.) (Actually, I use the slightly hacked versions of the lookup utility available via the shell script /u/raman/bin/lookup .)

The main copy of the data base and the indexed version can be found on the suns. Copies of papers.lst , media.lst ., and papers.doc (this file) can be found also on cayuga , in the ftp directory /pub/u/joel (which is the same as /u/ftp/pub/u/joel or /home/anon/ftp/pub/u/joel on the suns). (The Department's ftp area is also available via World Wide Web; the Uniform Resource Locator for our home page is ``http://www.cs.rochester.edu/''.)

Although I maintain this data base according to my own taste, I welcome any suggestions and reports of problems, typos, and other errors.

Joel Seiferas

Last change on June 9, 1997