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International Workshop
Parallel Numerics 2000
September 18 - 20
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Getting There

How to Reach Bratislava

The nearest large international airports are Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic) and Budapest (Hungary). A few international flights land at the Bratislava airport.

From Vienna to Bratislava

There is direct bus connection from Vienna airport Schwechat to bus station Mlynske Nivy in Bratislava. Please, note that it is important to buy your bus ticket at the airport as soon as possible after your arrival to Vienna (in case you do not buy the ticket soon it can happen that the bus company will not have enough cars to take all the passengers).

Departures from Schwechat: 8:20, 11:50, 15:20, 17:20, 18:50, 19:50, 22:20.

You can also get to Bratislava by train from Vienna Südbahnhof station. The distance from Vienna to Bratislava is approximately 60 km.

Petrzalka Railway Station
Main Railway Station
05:30 06:46
07:19 08:19

10:15 11:02 11:35
12:19 13:24
15:04 1x change
14:19 15:24
15:19 16:24
1x change
16:15 17:00 17:36
17:38 1-5
16:20 17:26
17:19 18:24
18:57 1x change
18:22 19:26
1-5, 1x change
19:19 20:19
1x change
21:04 1x change
21:15 22:00 22:44

Expect to pay for the bus/train in Austrian Schillings.

From Prague to Bratislava

It takes approximately 5 hours (about 400 km) to get from Prague to Bratislava by train or by bus. You can also fly to Bratislava by regular direct air line from Prague.

From Budapest to Bratislava

Distance from Budapest is about 200 km. By train or by bus it takes 2.5 hours. Train from Budapest-Keleti pu. Station departs for Bratislava approximately every 2 hours.

Workshop Site Address

Hotel SUZA
Sprava ucelovych zariadeni MZV SR
Drotarska cesta 46
811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Hotel Reception:
Phone: +421 7 59 354 999
Fax: +421 7 62 801 135

How to Reach the Workshop Site

The workshop site is Hotel SUZA, Drotarska cesta 46, Bratislava. The accommodation is also there.

You can find here parts of a map of Bratislava with highlighted important places.

Once in Bratislava it is easiest to get to the workshop site by TAXI. One taken on the street costs approximately 25 SKK/km.

There is only one public transport connection to the workshop site, the bus No. 41 from the main railway station. The price of the ticket is 6 SKK/10 min, 12 SKK/30 min and 18 SKK/60 min. The ticket can be purchased at the newspaper stand or in the yellow slot machines.

From Main Railway Station

It is about 4 km, 8 min by bus No. 41. Get off the bus at the last stop and continue about 200 m, the workshop site is the large building on the left side of the street.

From Petrzalka Railway Station to the Main Railway Station

Take one of the buses No. 82, 90, 180 in the city center direction and get off at the next stop. Then take the bus No. 81. Its final stop is the main railway station. It is about 5 km and it takes approximately 20 min.

From Main Bus Station - Mlynske Nivy to the Main Railway Station

The trolleybus No. 210 is the line between the main bus station and the main railway station. It is about 4 km and it takes 10 min.

From Bratislava Airport to the Main Railway Station

The bus No. 61 is the line between the airport and the main railway station. It is about 10 km and it takes 20 min.

Using a Car

In case you travel by car, please consult the maps showing the arrival routes from Budapest/Vienna and Prague/Brno.

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