24rd International Workshop on

Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science (WG '98)

Smolenice-Castle (close to Bratislava), June 18 - 20, 1998

Local information


We hope that you have successfully registered and got accomodated. Otherwise, do it at your earliest convenience.

You have got a sheet with this information and a bag with a badge, book of abstracts, program of the workshop, list of the participants with their addresses, general information, complimentary copy of the CAI international journal, map of the region, map of Bratislava, pen, block of sheets of paper, T-shirt.

Organizing committee:

Local organizers are distinguished by yellow color badges while other participants have blue color badges. Contact, please, the organizers if you have any problem with the program of the conference, social events, accomodation or meals.


Use, please, the badge all the time you are in the Smolenice Castle. Because of recycling the badges, return the badge to the organizers upon leaving.

Location of important rooms:

The dining room is on the first floor to the right from the stairs (from the registration office). The lecture room is next to the dining room. A television set with more channels is located on the first floor in the room to the left from the stairs.

If you wish to take a look from the tower, ask at the registration office.


All talks, posters and demos will take place in the lecture room. A normal talk should be 25 minutes long and there are 5 minutes for possible discussion. We kindly ask: the chairs - to be strict in keeping schedule, the people giving presentation - to contact the chair of their session (at the latest during the break before the session).


You can get breakfast in the dining room from 7:45 to 8:30.


You can choose any drink at the table along the wall. One drink is included in the price of a lunch and dinner.

Coffee breaks:

At the coffee breaks coffee, mineral watter and juice will be available on the table in the dining room.\\

Complementary drinks:

There is a bar next to the dining room. The bar is open 8:00 - 22:00 (It is closed on Sundays).

Vegetarian meals:

At the welcome party you can choose proper food.

At breakfast you will find vegetarian food prepared on the tables. At lunch and dinner you should ask vegetarian food from the waiters.

Social events:

Welcome party - Wednesday, 17 June, at 19:30
Trips - Friday 19 June, at 14:00 - you can choose (at registration office) from one of the possibilities: either bus trip to castle Cerveny Kamen or walking trip (approx. 4 km) to the cave Driny with visit of the cave (the temperature in the cave is 8 centigrades)
Conference dinner - Friday, 19 June, at 19:30 - picnic like, outdoors with local folclore music performed by an amateur group.

Map of the region:

Smolenice castle is marked with a circle, the cave Driny is with a triangle, the castle Cerveny Kamen is marked with a rectangle.

Map of Bratislava:

The main railway station is marked with a rectangle, the main bus station Mlynske Nivy is marked with a circle, the Bratislava castle is marked with a triangle.

Currency exchange:

One can exchange usual convertible currency in the town of Smolenice. The registration office can help you to locate the exchange office.

Visits to the tower:

There will be three oficial visits of the tower. You will learn the time of the visits upon the registration.


There are some restaurants and shops down in the town.

The gate of the castle is shut from 23:00 to 6:00. If you come after 23:00, please ring the bell at the gate - the watchman will let you in.

Local organizers from the Institute for Informatics wish you a nice stay in the Smolenice Castle - the Congress Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and a good working atmosphere at the conference.